Bradford’s ‘The Jam Guy’ makes donation to the Helping Hand Food Bank

Local jam business gives back to the community with $200 donation to the food bank

Thank you everyone for supporting us. In doing so, you also supported the Helping Hand Food Bank!

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Robert Salmons, also known as ‘The Jam Guy’ in the town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, recently donated $200 to the Helping Hand Food Bank, and MP Scot Davidson (who is a big fan of Salmons’ jams) matched the donation with another $200 in support of those in need. 

The donation comes at a perfect time after all the holiday hampers have been distributed by the food bank and the Christmas ‘wish lists’ have been fulfilled.

“It’s been a learning curve to survive during Covid,” notes Carolyn Khan, the new president of the Helping Hand Food Bank.

The local food bank serves not only their regular list of clients each week, but continues to register new clients who have never used the food bank before as the lockdown drags on.

“Going to the food bank was a very humbling experience but I was glad it was there,” shares Deb Salmons, Robert’s wife, who made use of the food bank in the past. “So, when it comes back to when you’re doing better, you gotta go back and support the people that supported you when you were struggling.”

“I know it’s not a lot but it’s something,” adds Robert.

Khan noted that a donation like Salmons could be allotted towards two weeks worth of eggs, or two weeks worth of milk, and greatly appreciates any donations whether big or small.

“It’s huge!” expresses Khan.

MP Davidson’s favourite Jamy Guy product is the strawberry jam, but notes he prefers the one with sugar. Salmons is well-known for his sugar-free products but says it’s hard to tell the difference between the sugar and sugar-free jams. 

The Salmons began making their own homemade jams after building their own garden in an effort to grow healthier, natural foods for their family. In 2017, they decided to take the business full time and started selling jams at local farmers’ markets, selling out weekly of their unique jam flavours like banana-cinnamon carrot-cake, pineapple rhubarb, and butter tart. 

Salmons is predicting a busy year ahead as his sales keep growing. Just this week, he has made over $1,000 in online sales. 

“It’s going to be a crazy busy year!” he says.

In the past, The Jam Guy has made donations to Southlake Hospital, Sick Kids, Autism programs, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and Scouts Canada.

The Jam Guy recently hired a part-time staff member to keep up with productionand now has a full-time web designer. He is currently in search of a commercial kitchen where he can prepare his jam orders on a larger scale.

“I’m working on getting my jams into restaurants, senior retirement homes, and health food stores such as Nature’s Emporium,” he shared.

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