Who We Are

My wife and I originally got into jam making when looking for healthy food alternatives without preservatives for our grandsons. We started to garden together, planting our own fresh produce and turning it into homemade jams.

How We Work

We boil all our jams to the right consistency to ensure a delicious flavour. When prepping our jams, all of our jars go through a Three Hot Bath system to wash and sterilize the jars, before and again afterwards before sealing the jars completely.

Our Products

We specialize in providing a range of natural, organic and healthy jams & preserves for a daily lifestyle. We use as much fresh farm produce from local farmers for our jams and preserves!

Our Products

Highest Quality


Made with passion.

100% Natural

Eat local, consume local.

Curated Products

Choose from a selection of our finest, delicious, jams and preserves!

Local Farms

We use produce from local farms, as much as possible.

Fresh Curated Products

from locally sourced farms.


chemical-free, preservative-free, ingredients.


Our Team

The Jam Guy

Robert Salmons
The Jam Guy
Deb Image
Deborah Salmons
The Jam Gal